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Water Meter Upgrade Program

Newport Water District is contacting all customers to inform them of an upgrade to the water metering system. Current meters have surpassed their “useful life” and will be replaced with a "lead free" water meter (at no cost to you), which complies with the EPA Lead and Copper Rule. The new “radio read” meters will improve efficiency, gather critical flow data (including identify customer "high usage” events), and improve your privacy as meters will be read by a radio unit in the District’s truck just driving by (typically, we will no longer be going onto your property to get that monthly/quarterly meter reading).

Additionally, the upgrade will bring all customers into compliance with the District’s Cross Connection Control Program and State Plumbing Code (regarding cross connection control). The regulations require installation of a backflow device that eliminates backflow from the customer’s building and thus protects the public water system from potential backflow contaminants.

A District employee will be contacting you to set up an inspection date. During that inspection, a report will be filled out and you will learn what plumbing deficiencies, if any, you may have and what must be done to correct the deficiency. Every building served by the public water system must have a water shut-off valve (typically located in the basement and before the meter, in good working condition) and an approved backflow device. These items are a requirement as stated in Newport Water District's Terms & Conditions for water service.

Please take a moment to verify that you have a shut-off valve before the meter setter/meter and that it is in good working condition. Also, check to see if you have the required backflow device. If you need assistance with identifying the required items, please refer to the enclosed photo and/or call the office.

The staff at Newport Water District will do what we can to inform and assist you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Safe, high quality drinking water doesn't just happen. Over the years, you have all contributed to this District, which has enabled us to improve the quality of the drinking water. Your cooperation will help us achieve this metering program upgrade in a reasonable amount of time (approximately two to three years for completion).


Supt. Tom Todd
Supt. AJ Newhall